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Become an Expert on Survival Knives by Watching These 3 Videos

There have never been more video resources to learn from than there are today. While, overall, that’s a good thing, it can also pose one major problem. With a limited amount of time, how do you find the best videos to help you better understand survival knives?

We at Survival Knife Pro are not only committed to selling you a great American Made knife. We’re passionate about giving you the knowledge you need to better yourself when it comes to survival knives.

In that spirit, we’ve waded through the web to share some quality resources with you. Here are three videos on survival knives that are sure to put you on the path to becoming an expert.

Creek Stewart became one of the most famous survivalists in America after his hit television show, Fat Guys in the Woods, debuted. The reality is that Creek was a master survivalist long before that show aired.

In this video, Creek gives you what he feels are the Top 6 Survival knife traits. His conclusions come from years of wilderness experience. Here’s an outline of what Creek discusses.

  • Size of the knife
  • Fixed-blade knife
  • Full-tang blade
  • Spear-point tip
  • Single-edged blade
  • Flat, durable pommel

Although these features are Creek’s first picks, the choice is ultimately yours. There are knives with features that differ from these characteristics that may suit your unique situation best.

What should you do if you get stranded in the backcountry without a sharpening stone? In this video, John shows you 5 ways to sharpen a survival knife without a stone.

You’ll learn how to sharpen your survival knife using the following:

  • The top edge of a car window
  • The underside of a coffee mug
  • Small file from a first-aid kit
  • Another knife
  • A river rock

John concludes the video with how to remove burrs from your survival knife after sharpening using a leather belt or strapping. Armed with this information, you’ll no longer have an excuse for a dull knife regardless of your situation.

Looking at a picture of a survival knife online or in a magazine can only take you so far. Sometimes an up close and personal view and discussion of a knife is helpful.

In this video, the ESEE Model 5 Survival Knife is discussed. This is another American-Made survival knife that Knife Pro sells and stands behind because of its superior quality. This video will help you get to know one of the many quality knives we offer.

Some of the features of this knife that are discussed are the following:

  • Great for batoning
  • A glass breaker
  • Strong durable blade
  • Superior sheathing with locking capability

At the close of this video, you’ll get to dream a bit about your survival knife system. You’ll see how to store many useful items in a small space such as fishing gear, a fire starter, iodine tablets and more. In no time, you can develop your own survival knife system and be ready for anything unexpected.

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