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3 Articles Every Survival Knife Owner Should Read

Posted by Survival Knife Pro on

In today’s explosion of information, articles on survival knives abound. Some of these articles are incredibly helpful while others can be misleading or inaccurate.

Looking for some must-read articles about survival knives? Here are three helpful ones to check out without having to wade through the junk.

In this guest post by Creek Stewart, he begins by reminiscing about his fascination and love for survival knives even when he was young. Creek shares about the many disaster scenarios that people can be instantly thrust into. Many times, these situations can become life and death in nature.

By having a survival knife on hand, you can be prepared for unexpected events. Creek shares that there are hundreds of uses for survival knives but gives a list of 13 primary ones. Some of them include splitting, shelter building, hunting weapon and food prep.

Next, Creek goes through some of the features that are key in selecting a good survival knife. Some of the features he shares include a full-tang blade, a solid pommel like with the Ontario ASEK Survival Knife and a single edge.

Creek shares that many different knives achieve the same essential features in their own way. Some other features that survival-knife buyers must consider are sheath design, handle material, decorative milling and blade style.

Creek concludes by stressing the importance of continually improving your skills in using a survival knife. He reminds his watchers that the knife isn’t a “magic wand” and that it won’t do its job properly if the owner hasn’t developed the needed skills.

Everyone knows survival knives are great for cutting. These knives are far from a one-trick pony, though. Although there are endless uses for survival knives, this article serves as the perfect survival knife guide. Fifteen of the most valuable survival-knife uses are detailed.

One of the uses featured is obtaining firewood by cutting branches or splitting wood. This allows the survivalist to get to the center of wood resources where they are dry. The batoning technique is advised for splitting wood but that’s only if your knife has a full tang like in the Ontario RAT-7. Otherwise, you run the risk of breaking your tool.

Another highlighted topic is shelter building which involves things like cutting branches for your shelter, creating wooden stakes and clearing the area of brush where you’ll be staying.

Another lesser-considered use for survival knives mentioned in the article refers to first aid. Some of the ideas given include cutting a shirt or cloth to make a bandage and using the knife to get rid of splinters. The article will give you some ideas to better use your knife in a survival or rugged camping excursion.

This is an instructional article about twelve ways to ruin your survival knife in hopes that you won’t! Sometimes a devil’s advocate article helps to put things in better perspective. That’s exactly what this Survivopedia article accomplishes.

If you’re looking to put your survival knife to the test without ruining it in the process, this article is for you. Really, this is a valuable article for every survival knife owner. It helps you to avoid misuse of your knife in a survival situation which could put you and others at risk. The article will also help to ensure that you have your knife in the best possible condition for years to come.

Hopefully, these articles helped to increase your survival knife knowledge and to prepare you for any outdoor situations you may encounter. Now get outdoors to somewhere remote and stay safe!

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